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Utilizing the best available estimating tools in the industry, Builders Club will bring you benefits unlike any other.
Our special CAD computer software can model your plans in 3D and, after mining the data, export them to an Excel file. The comprehensive take-off report will include not only the lumber take-off, but also all the measurable surface areas, including stucco, stone, brick, roof, sheetrock, tile, wood floor, carpet, and countertops.
Quick access to material quantity detail information has proven invaluable to our builders from bidding new projects to using these numbers to manage original contracts and subsequent change orders..

Bidding Process Management

Builders Club organizes the release of plans and specifications to builders’ preferred contractors, and follows up to ensure the bids are collected in a timely manner.
Our online portal cuts builders’ expenses by reducing the plan copy fee, and it further speeds up the bidding process.
Our vast qualified contractor and supplier base is also one of our builders’ invaluable assets. We can deliver multiple bids for each trade group to our builders' online account in a seamless, hassle-free manner.


With collective purchasing power and our unit price approach, Builders Club commands the best market commodity pricing for our builders. We maintain current pricing information by communicating with our vast array of vendors and contractors, comparing prices and placing orders within minutes to save our builders’ time and money. We also help our builders with fill-in orders throughout all stages of construction.

Purchase Order System

Our well-developed Purchase Order System is used throughout each project to manage the production process. We issue a combination of Purchase Orders, Measurement Purchase Orders, Allowance Purchase Orders, Variance Purchase Orders, and Field Purchase Orders to contractors and suppliers so that our builders can truly enjoy the process of Management by Exception.


For production builders, scheduling is the heart and soul of any project. For custom home builders, scheduling is more of a dream rather than a practical way of managing the job. This is where Builders Club steps in. By utilizing the best available software alongside our field expertise in managing custom home projects, Builders Club is able to help our motivated customers develop different scheduling templates to manage custom jobs.

Cost Control

Builders Club members receive financial reports in real time, including the Job Cost Summary Report, the Historical Job Cost Report, and the Purchase Order Log Report. These detailed reports enable our builders to view their company’s financial daily for proactive management, communicate efficiently with their subcontractors and suppliers, identify critical problems, and control outstanding costs.

Change Orders

Builders Club uses a unique process to help custom builders control and track their change orders, turning one of the most confusing and costly parts of custom home building into one that generates profit and improve the communication with their clients.


Builders Club processes weekly or bi-weekly accounts payable to contractors and suppliers for all projects under our builders’ management.
Our online portal enables efficient communication between our builders and their trade partners, and our website facilitates invoice submissions and approvals.
Our builders maintain control, while we maintain order.

Subcontractor Training

Builders Club trains member’s subcontractors to conform to the purchase order system reducing invoice processing time and eliminate discrepancies. This will also free up valuable time for builders to spend on managing jobs rather than arguing with contractors and suppliers on payday. We also distribute, collect and track all the contract paper work requested by builders, such as W-9 Forms, Subcontractor Agreements, Insurance Certificates, etc.


Builders Club's online portal connects our builders with their homeowners and investors. With quick access, builders can truly manage open book, cost-plus-type projects. With total transparency, our builders and their clients stay on the same page from start to finish.

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Company Background

Builders Club was established in the year 1999, providing back office support services to home builders. Our goal is to help small- to medium-size home builders achieve management efficiency and establish the cost saving structures of large-size builders.
By deploying the most sophisticated estimating tools available to the building industry, Builders Club has been able to provide detailed take-offs for its builders. We helps builders and their associates manage every custom home project as if they were managing a production one.
By leveraging the combined volumes of all builders, with our open policy to all suppliers and contractors, Builders Club has been able to obtain the best possible commodity price for all the projects under management.
By utilizing premier information management tools designed for large residential builders, Builders Club has enabled cost-conscious builders to make proactive business decisions, track costs, and isolate problems, helping them achieve the highest efficiency and maximum profits.
By communicating with builders through an online portal, Builders Club is seamlessly integrated with their needs and objectives. Our builders feel the power of continuous support from a group of dedicated personnel, and without the need to worry about back office services, they have the ability to scale their business volume as they please, with confidence.

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Builders Club provides back office support services to home builders

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